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An Intro to Facebook’s Advertising Pixel

Posted on: June 17th, 2016 by The Yellow Box Team


So What is a Pixel?

A Pixel is simply a piece of code that is added to your website which then allows you to track visitors to your website and their behaviour when on your website.

Why Should I Use a Pixel?

Using a Facebook pixel on your website allows you to create an audience of Facebook users who have visited your site and performed a specific event such as signing up to a contact form or visiting a certain page on your site such as the Checkout or Contact page.

You can then run ads against this audience such as a discount code for people who did not Checkout on your site or deliver them ads with more information about the page they recently visited on your site.

How Can I Use A Pixel?

Using the Facebook pixel to create a Custom Audience of Facebook users that have visited your website you can then run ads against them. This is probably the simplest way to use Facebook ads but it is not going to be the most cost effective! To make your ad more cost effective you can target your Custom Audience even further by targeting by different demographics such as age, geographical location, gender etc.

Your Turn

Are you using a Facebook pixel? What questions do you have? Email: [email protected]

PS. If you’re still using the Conversion Tracking pixel, Facebook have stated that this will be removed in the second half of 2016.

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