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Yellow Box Marketing

Customer Journey


1. Our first step is to have an initial discussion with you to determine your needs, discover what you want to achieve with the project and any design inspiration that you may have had from similar projects you have seen.

2. We will also discuss your business in general to get a better understanding of your products and services, as well as how customers currently find you online.

Design & Build

1. We build your new website using all the information and content you have provided us with.

2. This is built on a staging domain, so that you can view a functional, responsive version of the website as it is being developed.

3. At this stage, we will require as much content as possible that you can provide including high quality logos, photographs and written content about your products and services.

Finalise & Go Live

1. We will finalise the website build and put the website live.

2. At this stage, we will require log in details for your current website hosting provider in order to transfer all the files and database from the staging website. If you do not already have hosting we can provide this for you as well.

Ongoing Support & Marketing

1. Our ongoing support and maintenance service will help keep your website safe and secure, by creating backups of all your website files and keeping all website software current with regards to security updates.

2. We can also provide training for you or your staff members in how to manage the content of the website such as pages, images and in the case of e-commerce projects the products catalogue.

3. We provide ongoing digital marketing services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media Management and Pay Per Click campaigns to help drive traffic to your new website.

4. We can also provide many design and print marketing services including brochures, business cards, magazine advertisements, letterheads, branding and more.

5. Our aim is to increase the number of leads and enquiries you get from your website and our ongoing support and marketing services

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