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Insure My People is a forward-thinking insurance brokerage providing group life insurance for businesses. 

Driven by a passion for protecting the workforce, Insure My People goes beyond traditional insurance brokers, they’re not just sellers – they’re trusted advisors, equipped to offer genuine, actionable guidance.


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Navigating the Insurance Maze

Insure My People approached Yellow Box Marketing with a clear objective: to establish a robust online presence centred around group life insurance. Recognising the complexities of the insurance industry, they sought to simplify the process for their clients, offering a seamless online platform for receiving quality insurance policies tailored to each businesses needs.

Insure My People Website

Crafting Identity, Forging Connections

Yellow Box Marketing embarked on a journey with Insure My People, sculpting a distinctive brand identity reflective of their commitment to personalised service and innovation. From logo design to website architecture, every element was curated to resonate with their target audience.

The website emerged as a user-friendly hub, empowering businesses to learn more about group life insurance and connecting them with an expert. As the foundation was laid, the focus shifted towards amplifying visibility through SEO and PPC campaigns, poised to propel Insure My People to new heights.

Elevating Engagement, Ensuring Success

The collaboration between Yellow Box Marketing and Insure My People through the branding and website has been steadily improving the quality of their leads. The SEO and PPC campaigns further fueled this momentum, driving traffic and conversions at an unprecedented rate. Today, Insure My People stands as a beacon of innovation in the insurance realm, with Yellow Box Marketing continuing to spearhead their marketing strategies for sustained growth and success.

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