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Founded over 30 years ago, every cheese at Michael Lee is expertly chosen by their experienced team who are committed to providing outstanding customer service and an unrivalled choice of quality products to top restaurants, delis, farm shops and hotels across the UK.


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Identifying the

After many conversations with their large customer base, one request kept coming out which was could they place an order online or outside of office hours. The Michael Lee team knew they needed to build a wholesale ecommerce website to allow their customers the ability to do just that.

By having a new wholesale ecommerce website in place, they could now focus on generating more inbound enquiries to help them grow, rather than relying on their sales team being on the road and attending expensive Trade Shows.

Creating a new
sales platform

From conversations with their existing customers, they identified the need to offer their customers the ability to order online at a time that was convenient to them rather than between their office opening hours.

Our task was to develop a new website that allowed them to do just that along with the ability for Michael Lee’s team to manage and maintain orders, products, customer accounts and content displayed on the website.

Generating leads &
increasing sales

At the same time as launching the new website we also launched their PPC (Google Ads) campaign to drive more enquiries from retailers and businesses wanting to open a trade account. Within the first four weeks the campaign had generated 40 leads with 25 of those customers already placing orders that could be worth £1,000s each year. Not a bad start from a total ad spend of less than £800.

By moving their marketing budget away from expensive trade shows, Michael Lee’s team now have a trackable and scalable method of marketing their business. The BIG opportunity is that there is 30% more traffic that is available to the campaign and by increasing the monthly budget we can work on generating even more leads to continue their growth.

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