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Spud and Lettuce

Company Overview

Spud and Lettuce aim to provide a choice of healthier fresh fast food to their customers whom are often rushed for time, and looking for fast efficient service.


Project Brief

Being a newly established fast food restaurant in Newcastle, Spud and Lettuce diverse themselves by offering a range of breakfast and lunch time meals as well as protein shakes, milkshakes and snacks to customers that are pushed for time. We built their website with an online ordering facility so customers could fully customise their order to suit their needs and taste, their order is freshly made and is collected by the customer at the time they have chosen when placing the order.

This means that customers who are pushed for time on their lunch break can walk into the restaurant and collect their order without having to wait.

The e-commerce feature of the website allows customers to add additional toppings and the order total is increased inline with what has been added. The website has become an instant success with customers who are already using it to order their lunches and save on waiting times!



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