Understanding the Buyer's Journey & Why it's Important in Social Media


The buyer’s journey describes the process a customer goes through when purchasing a product or service and has 3 stages- awareness, consideration and decision. 


The consumer is aware they have a problem and starts educating themselves on a solution by searching on google or looking at posts on social media.


The consumer is identifying potential solutions and considering which to choose by looking at reviews and sifting through ads.


The consumer chooses the product/service that will solve their problem.

How Can Understanding the Buyer’s Journey Help Your Social Media Strategy?

Different content should be tailored to different stages of the journey. Understanding the buyer’s journey helps you to create targeted campaigns that move your followers along the buyers journey.

Understanding the journey can help…

  • Choose the right platform for a campaign/post
  • Inform the creative you create for a campaign/post
  • Inform the copy for a campaign/post
  • Choose relecant KPI’s and analytics to focus on for a campaign



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